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    Violent Crime and Property Crime

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    Define violent crime and property crime. Classify Robbery as one or the other. Which type of crime is more serious? Are property crimes more serious then violent crimes? Explain and support your position.

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    Violent crimes are crimes where the offender uses violence or acts of force, and that force is directly exerted upon the victim. Violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property crimes are crimes where the offender infringes on the property of another, without having a legal right to do so. One of the most common property crimes is shoplifting. Other property crimes include burglary, auto theft, and arson. Robbery is definitely a violent crime, because robbery in itself involves force or the threat of force, which is a requirement as a violent crime. Burglary is a property crime, but robbery is not a property crime. Robbery is more serious ...

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    The solution provides a very detailed discussion examining violent crimes and property crimes, and discusses how rovvery is classified. The more serious crime of the two is discussed.