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    Likelihood of Crime according to Social Class

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    Which neighborhoods are likely to be robbed or burglarized? Is it upper-middle, upper, lower or middle class?

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    Dear Student,
    Hi. It seems to me that you are unsure about the answer to this particular question. If this is not directly answered in your class materials then you are required by this question to look at sociological factors of criminality in neighborhoods. Before giving you the answer, I'd like you to reflect on the following first:

    Upper - middle class - this is the social class where the members are wealthy and above average - not yet extremely affluent but are in positions to afford the best things for themselves and their families. These are people who are leaders and managers, directors and specialists (lawyers, specialized doctors, company directors, entrepreneurs) and are highly educated with income levels from $100,000/year. They both have social status and economic capacity.

    Upper class - these are the extremely wealthy in society and they have amassed fortune due to their specialization, their social positions and the entrepreneurial spirit. They live in the best neighborhoods, they invest in businesses, they ...

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    The solution provides insight and advise to the student in tackling the question (see above) on the likelihood of the occurrence of burglary and robbery in the following neighborhoods: upper-middle, upper, lower and middle-class. Resources are listed to help the student explore the topic further.