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    Full Bank Flow

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    Choose the single best answer (a, b, c, or d) and explain/justify with a sentence or two.

    Question: The following may result in increased frequency of full bank flow.
    Answer: __________________________________________________________

    a. Dredging the river such that it is deeper.
    b. Replacing a concrete liner with a sand liner.
    c. Decreasing the slope of the stream.
    d. All of the above.

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    The answer is C. The solution will explain why options A, B, and D can be ruled out, and why option C is the correct choice.

    a. Dredging the river such that it is deeper

    - No, because this would decrease full bank flow because it would take longer to fill the depression. Removal of sediment and the stream bed material is an attempt to confine all flood-flows within the ...

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    This solution describes a factor that can increase the frequency of full bank flow in a river/stream and explains why it will have an impact; it also explains why other factors are not important considerations in full bank flow frequency.