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    Issues of indivisibility

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    Issue indivisibility is an issue that cannot be divided adequately and leads to the ineffective bargaining on the issue that happens between states. While the most common examples deals with the person who sets on the throne, another example is who controls an island. This would lead us to the Falklands Island War and the choice by Margaret Thatcher to enter into war against Argentina because that country attempted to take control over a British owned island. Argentina had a claim as well, but for either side, to give in and relinquish control was unacceptable and neither was willing to share control with the other. If according to Fearon we think that indivisibility lies in domestic policies and other mechanisms, then indivisibility is not part of the issues that bring states to war. This would be true of ...

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    An explanation about why Fearon's issues of indivisibility has not basis in international relations theories study.