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    Russian vs NATO

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    Acquisition of resources is not often provided as a reason for war. It may be the true reason behind conflicts, but governments focus on other issues. For example, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait might have been in response to cross-border drilling by Kuwait or it could have been because Iraq had traditionally referred to Kuwait as its lost province or it could have been to support the fictional Kuwaiti freedom fighters who requested an Iraqi invasion. Of course, the truth is closer to economic and territorial gain than what the Iraqi media disseminated.

    As for Ukraine, could Russian operations be in response more to a perceived threat from NATO than the need to obtain resources? Crimea is a nice prize for Russia, but are there larger issues such as NATO attempting to gain influence in states surrounding Russia?

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    Utilizing my own view, I think that Russian operations against Ukraine may be due to a combination of resource objectives, possible NATO influence in the region, and simple national pride. This is due to the fact that it is well known that the Ukraine is an area that provides a great deal of agricultural products to the region, especially wheat etc. Due to these factors, this ...

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