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Issues and challenges faced by Ukraine

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Need current event topic related to ethics and money. Please describe the main points, benefits challenges and impact.

FYI: I thought about how the sanctions against Russia affect USA economy after Russia annexed Crimea.
But if you found better please feel free to provide yours.

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The response addresses the query posted about the issues and challenges faced by Ukraine in 465 words with APA references

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The response addresses the query posted in 465 words with APA references.
//Ukraine is facing continuous setback in economical, financial and military terms due to the threat from Russia. In the following context, the main points of the issues and challenges faced by Ukraine are discussed and along with this, the benefits received by the US are highlighted.//

Main Point
Sanction was used as an economic weapon by the US and the European Union, when Russia annexed Crimea from the Ukraine. Ukraine is a large European state and its size and population can be compared to that of France. Between Russia and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Ukraine occupies a sensitive position. Since the dissolving of Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine with its ...

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