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Russian - Georgian War of 2008

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Outline the causes of the August 2008 Georgia-Russia war. What were the consequences of that war for NATO- European-Russian relations?

Kindly outline the response in two pages.

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Georgia - Russian War

This five day war began with separatists in Georgia attacking surrounding cities and areas in an effort to secede from Georgia. This area is an ethnic enclave in northern Georgia. In response, Georgia sent troops into the area to retake the cities and stop the violence. The secessionists were attacking mostly the peacekeeping force of Georgian, Russian, and other troops deployed to keep peace in the area. During the response by Georgia, Russian and other soldiers were killed.

Russia sent in troops in a full-scale invasion, in support of the civilians and others in the area on August 8th. Shelling by separatists began on August 1. This invasion included tanks, aircraft and ground troops. Russian troops had been in country as part of the peacekeeping force. Russia moved in quickly and efficiently. The war killed hundreds in ...

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