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    Economic Causes and Costs of World War I

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    Provide an analysis of the economic/political causes of World War I. The response is 1000 words and includes references cited. It is a study guide that will help students to further research the topic.

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    Economic Causes and Costs of World War I
    A Study Guide

    The Great War, later named World War I, was a catastrophic event. Its causes are somewhat confusing but the human and economic costs, in contrast, are stark and very clear.

    This guide is meant to be short reference guide to help students do their research on this topic.

    The "Great War", later named World War I, is one of the most significant events in world history. Its causes are somewhat confusing because of a number of interrelated issues and developments. The results, in casualties and deaths, geo-political changes and in laying the route to World War II, were in the end and for its place in history up to 1918, without precedent. As such, its causes are an important matter of study for all not just for history scholars.

    World War I was a human slaughter. Nearly 14 million soldiers were killed and 33 million wounded (Public Broadcast System, 2013). Two battles further indicate the appalling nature of the carnage that was all too common throughout the War. On the first day of Battle of the Somme, July 1 1916, 20,000 British troops were killed. This is still the highest kill rate in history. During The Battle of Verdun there were one million casualties and neither side won. These disregards for human lives on both sides are depicted in Stanley Kubrick's film "Paths of Glory". Viewing is highly recommended.
    The War has had lasting effects through today. It influenced world economic, political and geographic matters that exist today. Bombs and artillery shells from World War I are still being found.
    Because of its effects on the human condition and its worldwide implications, it is relevant to ask; what caused this War?

    Clouds of Concern
    In the period before the war started (1910-1914) there was a widespread belief that peace in Europe could be sustained. There was no major war for almost forty years and ...

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    An analysis of the economic/political causes of World War I is given.