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European Consciousness

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What were three of the most important trends or 'isms' affecting European Society at the end of the 19th century? Identify each trend and examine its implications. Identify the nations that went to war in 1914. Explain at least three causes of World War I. What effect did World War One have on the 'European Consciousness'?

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Here are a few thoughts to consider:

Three major trends in Europe during the late 19th century were: a) the collapse of many colonial empires held by European powers, b) rapid technological development, and c) the beginning of a trend toward urbanization as many sought opportunity through firms opening and expanding because of rapid technological development.

So, why is each of these important?

a) With the collapse of many colonial Empires, including those of Spain (ended in 1898 with the Spanish American War) and Portugal, the power structure of Europe shifted. England became more prominent as it retained its world-wide empire, while other former superpowers, such as Spain, declined. With this alteration in power came a change in social perception of said societies, and the socio-economic emphasis came to rest in Western Europe, especially in Britain, rather than in Central and Southern Europe as had previously been the case.

b) With rapid technological development, weapons were made more potent (which in turn had an effect on the war), communication was made easier (as can be seen with the development of the telephone and the ...

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The solution is a concise guide that provides insight in the trends in European Society from the late 19th to the early 20th century that came together to inform a new European Consciousness.

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