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    American and Russian Cultures

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    Complete research on both Russian and American culture as it pertains to what they feel is important, how to behave, and generally, how they might interact in intense negotiations...please use at least 3 sources including Culture Grams.

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    The attached is a document close to 900 words, references and culture gram not included in word count, that discusses the Russian and American Culture and what they feel is important. The paper starts with an introduction, a history of both countries, feelings on situations, negotiation tactics and what both cultures want overall.

    I was unable to locate a US culture gram chart for free, all were pay for view. I attached the US Census Bureau link to assist you further with your studies, as the bureau has all of the nation's information.

    I did locate a Russian Culture Gram for free and attached the link and the page for your perusal and to assist you further in your studies.

    I am the original author of the attached, with the exception of the quotes, which are properly cited, and the Russian Culture Gram.


    Americans are free and Russians have experienced some sort of freedom within the past two decades. Even though Russia is a Federation and no longer a true communist country, the citizens long for the democracy Americans have. (America Russia 2008) The needs and wants both cultures are similar if not identical. This paper will discuss the cultures of Russia and the United States of America as it pertains to culture, feelings, behavior and negotiation interaction.
    Russian History

    The Russian culture is vast with history. The country's leaders were strong and cruel and poverty was the way of life for many years. Russia's leaders, such as Stalin, lived a true communist life and the citizens, prior to the 20th century, knew of no other way of life. With the introduction of movies in the early 1900s, Russian film makers were eager to let the world know of its suffering. The most popular and dramatic of them all was a movie called The End of St. Petersburg, directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin in 1927. This film portrayed its citizens as poor, near starving and dying.

    As the decades passed, Communism remained stagnant. In the 1960s the Russians were the first nation to send a man into space and that is where the relationship between the United States of America and Russia started to kindle. The cold war was implemented and ended and the two nation's leaders tried to be cordial and when President Regan was elected, a closer relationship with Russian President Gorbechov followed and today's relationship with President Putin is admirable. The country is now a Federation.

    Russia's Feelings on the War

    In an article by Sergi Karaganov, the head of the Foreign and Defense Policy Council of Russia, he was asked the question "Will Europe and the USA continue to grow weaker over the next decade? " His response was, "No. Seven or eight years from now, the Americans will have pulled out of Iraq, recovered from the post-Iraq syndrome, and rebuilt their might. The most important thing now is to prevent a farcical Cold War. We cannot permit an acute confrontation with the West and the USA. That would not be advantageous for Russia, since it would be a distraction for ...

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