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Cognition and Emotion/Ceremonies

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A comparison (similarities and differences) of how two different emotions; such-as happiness, sadness, and etc.are expressed in the two cultures.

Explain how each of the cultures influences the expression of these emotions.

Please include the references!

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Comparison of Emotions in Cultures:

Emotions are expressed differently in diverse cultures in the world. This is based on the fact that all the cultures in the world have their distinct modes of expressing their inner emotions that are acceptable to their values and norms. The cognitive realm in each individual is influenced by the cultural norms on how to express their emotions. The communication of emotions tends to be stronger in the Russian culture in comparison to the American culture. According research undertaken, Russian people have the habit of controlling their happiness. This means that they normally show limited emotional expressions. This has been influenced by the values as they appreciate the aspects of maintaining their emotional displays without publicly expressing them. This is the reason why their interpersonal contacts are limited by the emotional contacts established (Pessoa, 2009).

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