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Drugs and Behavior

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How does cognition and emotions play a part in the way a counselor conceptualize a client?

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This solution discusses the role of cogniton and emotion in the conceptulizatioin of client assessment.

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Cognition is concerned with a wide range of mental processes including thoughts, perception, performance, intellectual ability and personality and intellectual ability. Fleischhauer, Enge, Brocke, Ullrich, Strobel, &Strobel (2010) examined the relationship of cognitive abilities to specific aspects of personality (e.g. traits), and found that cognition played an important role in individual motivation. In the assessment of clients, counselors have conceptualized behaviors using cognitive therapeutic techniques such as with Cognitive Social learning that involves identifying thoughts, schemas, and problem feelings or behaviors (Archer, & McCarthy, 2005). The primary goal is to modify behaviors that lead to problems.

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