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Can you explain the primary differences bewteen American and Russian concepts of Management? Do you believe that the American Management concepts are functional in Russia?

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The American Concept
Many people define the manager's job something like this: The manager has to see that everything gets done that should be done and prevent things that shouldn't happen from happening. More succinctly, Harry Truman had a small sign on his desk that said,
"The Buck Stops Here." That description is accurate, for in the end the manager is responsible for everything that goes on in his or her domain.

No one but the manager can set the goals and aspirations of the organization. Sometimes it is said," We have to decide what business we are in." This is not enough. The manager must decide what kind of organization the company is to become. The manager must articulate the goals and strategies of the company in such a way that the public, the employees, the vendors, and the customers understand what to expect from the company.
The manager's behavior sets the style for others to follow. Only the manager can decide if the performance of the organization is satisfactory. Only the manager can make the decision to improve it. The manager must not only articulate a ...

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