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    First HTML Webpage That Links Back To Home Page

    I am new to html and I am trying to create a Webpage with 5 links that will re-route you to my homepage after viewing distinctive links once you hit home again. I want to use motion graphics , color and fonts. I need this complete by 6pm CST. Please Find below what I have done. I want to use Vivaldi Font 48 for my hom

    Web Design - Frames

    1. Surf the Internet to view Web sites that have been created as single pages and with frames pages. Compare and contrast the two different styles by answering the following questions. 1. What do you think are the advantages of using frames? 2. What do you think the disadvantages are of using frames? 3. If you are design

    Cohesion: An example with some questions

    Which of the systems shows better design principles? A. System 1 B. System 2 What is the main reason for your answer to question 17? A. modularity. B. coupling. C. cohesion. D. none of the above. Which of the above is an example of procedural cohesion? A. Ex. 1 B. Ex. 2 C. Ex. 3 D. Ex. 4 Which of the above is

    Detailed Illustration of Packets Travel through Internet

    I'm trying to understand the path packets take so, I need a description of the path a packet takes across the Internet from destination A to destination B. Also I need to know what types of network devices does the packet pass through from destination A to destination B.

    Session Variables

    What is a Session variable? How can Session variables be used in an online Banking application?

    The Internet

    The birth of the Internet has opened a new door for research. The World Wide Web provides endless amounts of information on just about anything you can think of. Anyone can create a Website; therefore, the question of reliability comes into play. 1. Search the Internet for information on Web page authenticity and credibility


    (See attached file for full problem description) I want to be able to enter my name and press return which the jpg picture will load. Then I want to be able to click the link which will move the picture. Currently these are running as two separate programs and I want to link them together as one. Any help will be great.

    Introducing powerpoint presentation college microsoft office 2003

    We are doing a 8-12 powerpoint presentation and could use some help. Scenario: You have been asked to present tips on time management skills to new students at an online university. Your group will work together to organize and create a presentation with your advice. This information will be presented to students as part of t

    Microsoft excel

    Predefined formatting attributes that can be applied to a cell are called? A. designs B. themes C. styles D. schemes If a worksheet is saved as a Web Page, and you want to jump from the worksheet to another file or location on the internet, you need to insert which of the following into the worksheet? A. Hyperlink B.

    Linear Programming using Excel Solver

    Use a spreadsheet to solve a diet plan which is designed for one week (from a chosen restaurant). the person must meet the dietary requirements listed and spend as little money as possible. The goal is to find the cheapest combination of foods that will satisfy nutritional requirements of a person. It involves an objective fun

    HTML project Validation

    Validate the credit card expiration year Verify in a comparison with the current date that the credit card expiration date is valid Add a mortgage calculator to the page as a value added aspect for the customer. Some of this is done but I still require vaidation and verification and completed Mortgage calulator

    Essay on Broadband service and penetration

    Find some reliable data telling you about the penetration of broadband service in any country. The data should indicate a breakdown of access between DSL and Cable modem service and possible other modes of high speed access and dial up connections. a. Present the data in a clear and easy to understand way. You should als

    Frontpage, Dreamweaver

    Review both FrontPage and Dreamweaver's features. What are the specific features of FrontPage and Dreamweaver?

    Form design

    Go to the Web and find an example of a poorly designed form. List the URL at the top of this task. What would you do to fix it? Write the code as part of your response.

    10 E-Education Technology Websites

    I am trying to learn a bit more about E-Education and would like a listing of 10 or so of the most current, reliable, and relevant websites . Also why are they the most informative in regards to E-Education?

    Basic URL site

    Create a simple, basic personal website by uploading the text & photographs provided. Use JPEG format for photos and set them using pixels. (2 photos attached). Choose any colors for the site specify them using hex codes (specs below). Give the URL for this site. Text to use: <html> <head> <title> My Resume </title> </h

    Art Museum Virtual Tour

    Are there any Art Museums that a virtual tour can be taken? If so. 1.How do the technologies can be used to enrich these types of sites? 2.How is the tours content and function? What technologies are used to make the experince in tours memorable? 3.Are these sites typically user friendly in terms of flow, organizati