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    Web Scavenger Hunt

    College Material Appendix B Web Scavenger Hunt To complete this assignment, you are to search for a variety of information on the Internet. 1. Locate a news article from an English-speaking country other than the United Sates. List the URL, list the name of the newspaper, list the country of origin, and summarize the a

    Interactive Database Systems & Web Services

    You have asked to prepare a report that evaluates possible client/server solutions to handle a new customer application system for all branch offices. What business characteristics would you evaluate? What technology characteristics would you evaluate? Why? Discuss how Web services can be used to effectively integrate busin

    Web sites with html

    What I want for Christmas What I want for Christmas What I want for Christmas a box of Godiva Chocolates What I want for Christmas a red BMW a real fast speedboat a drum set a Wii Game a Brad Pitt What I want for Christmas a big red BMW a real fast speedboat a drum set a Wii Game a Brad Pitt a big r

    HTML: Tables as a Design Tool

    The style attribute is replacing some elements in the always-evolving HTML world. Many features that were implemented using elements in older versions of HTML are now implemented using the style attribute. The font tag is an example of one. Some people believe that the table, as a design tool, will soon be deprecated (i.e., no l

    Advanced CSS and the clear style

    Midwest University Center for Diversity. Steward Findlay is the project coordinator for the Midwest University Center for Diversity. He is currently working on a Web site titled "The Voices of Civil Rights," containing Web pages with extended quotes from civil rights leaders of the past and present. He has asked you to help d

    Demonstration of CSS and image maps in an HTML page

    Please see the attachment. Tom has asked you to make some more changes and additions to the Arcadium website. The park has a new area called the Toddler Park, which is specifically designed for very young children. Tom needs you to revise the park map hotspots to accommodate the new park map, and he needs you to design a We

    A WebPage the Calculates the Cost per Square Inch of Pizza

    Exercise 15.19 Whenever you order a pizza, you are faced with the dilemma of which size to order. Is a large pizza a good deal, or would you be better off ordering two mediums? Create a Web page names pizza.htm that determine the cost per square inch of any pizza. The page should contain text boxes in which the user can en

    Webpage - Roman Holiday

    The ancient Romans developed a system for representing number values alphabetically. This "Roman numeral" system employed the following letters to symbolize the indicated numeric values: M = 1,000 D = 500 C = 100 L = 50 X = 10 V = 5 I = 1 To convert an ancient Roman numerical to its numeric equivalent, you must sum up the

    Coding an Income Tax Function

    Create a Web page named taxes.html and enter the Income Tax function into the HEAD (enclosed in SCRIPT tags). In the BODY of the page, prompt the user to enter values representing his or her income and itemized deduction. The page should call the Income Tax function and then display the amount of tax owed. Use your page to dete

    Web Form and Advanced XHTML

    Please see attached. Thanks. Web Form and Advanced XHTML Instructions /* External Style Sheet */ body { background-color:#EFEFEF; font-color:#000000; font-family: Verdana, Geneva, serif; font-size: 12px; } .header1 { text-align: center; font-size: 200%; font-weight: bold; } .

    Float property and Text Wraps

    Download an image from the Online Companion Web site or find an image of your own. Add text around the image. Experiment with the float property and its values to view the way that the text wraps. Test the work in multiple browsers to verify that the text wraps consistently. Create a document with screen images and comments

    How Prepaid Cell Phones Make Forensic Investigation Hard

    Prepaid cell phones make forensic investigation hard. Discuss how can you quickly investigate and collect digital evidence for a crime what involves a phone call (e.g., you checked the victim's cell phone and you find a phone call from a phone number, this phone number could be a VoIP phone, a prepaid cell phone, a landline phon

    Steel Solutions

    The Marketing Director at Steel Solutions is unhappy that the links on the company Web page appear in blue when unvisited and purple when visited, because those are the logo colors of their closest competitor. She has asked you to update the Web pages to use navy for unvisited links, olive for visited links, and red for active

    Trailways Bus Lines

    Last week, you and the owner of Trailways Bus Lines sketched out a basic table format to use on the Updated Prices Web page of the Trailways Bus Lines Web site. As you begin to build the Web page, you start thinking about other table attributes that could make the Web pages look even better. Create a Web page with a basic five

    Beginners XHTML Page

    Please help me so I can write the following: - Create basic XHTML open and close tags (!DOCTYPE), (html), (head), (title), (body). - Add a title in the head section of the XHTML document. - Create a link. - Center the links in the center of the Web page and put spaces between the links. - Create a Heading that is centered

    HTML tutorial sites

    I would like to find a current and reliable website that gives basic explanation of HTML, with a "hands-on" tutorial. I need to review the site and write an annotated bibliography.

    Web Page Development

    How do you secure a domain name and find a host for a website. Describe how CSSs are used in developing websites. Why do you think website development would be important to a company's business model?

    Focus on Ethics

    Focus on Ethics Based on the chapter's definitions of advertising and public relations, there are big differences in these communications methods. However, both are susceptible to deception. The same standards used to gauge advertising deception are used to measure deception in pubic relations. A case in point is Nike vs. Ka

    Code HTML: Example Problem

    I need help in coding the HTL for this article in this form. Title Headings of three different sizes Two instances of bold Two instances of italics Two instances of a horizontal rule One list: ordered, unordered, or definition Two paragraphs of text related to course content Two attributes applied to an HTML element, su

    HTML Frames in Dreamweaver

    Please help in understanding how to create frames using Dreamweaver. It was noticed for instance when creating a web page called index.html with frames in it, every time when trying to open the index.html for editing it does not open up but presents the frames instead. Therefore, how do you go back to the original index page and

    Content Management System and It's Advantages

    The purpose of this two page paper is to answer to what extent the open source approach to content management system development is beneficial or could be beneficial to organizations.

    Moving e-mails from MSN Hotmail

    Please help with the following problem. What are the steps involved to move all of my email folders from my MSN Hotmail account to an external hard drive without having to open each email individually?

    Future of HTML

    HTML was the original Web page protocol, developed for hypertext documents on the emerging Web. Many different protocols and technologies have since been developed. Do you think that HTML still has a part to play? Or do you believe that HTML may have outlived its usefulness? This is basically a question about the future of HT