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Trailways Bus Lines

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Last week, you and the owner of Trailways Bus Lines sketched out a basic table format to use on the Updated Prices Web page of the Trailways Bus Lines Web site. As you begin to build the Web page, you start thinking about other table attributes that could make the Web pages look even better. Create a Web page with a basic five-row, two-column table with a one-pixel border. Review the additional table attributes listed in Appendix A, including the rules attribute. Find information on those attributes on other Web sites, including the W3C Web site (www.w3.org). Modify the basic table in the Updated Prices Web page to incorporate at least four of these attributes.

Reference also www.w3.org

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I have attached the solution using few HTML attributes. You can change the values, ...

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I have Attached the solution using few HTML attributes. You can change the values, delete some attributes, add some attributes and check out the differences. Some of the attributes for table elements are explained here-> http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Guide/Advanced.html. You can refer to it and fiddle with HTML on your assignment.

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