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Parallel-distributed processing network

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1. In a parallel-distributed processing network, the word "banana" is represented as what? Is it a particular node in the network, a neural activity in a particular part of the cerebral cortex, a particular activation pattern in the network as a whole, OR a mental (pictorial) representation of a real banana?

2. In the term parallel-distributed processing model, "parallel" refers to the fact that relevant units are activated simultaneously, relevant neurons are located in parallel lines, associative links are generally depicted among parallel lines, OR relevant areas of the temporal cortex are located parallel to relevant areas of the parietal cortex?

3. Going home involves going to the bus depot, then buying a ticket, then getting on the bus. Buying a ticket involves getting in line, then waiting, then asking for a ticket. Getting on the bus involves.... What is this problem-solving technique an example of? Is it hierarchical organization, restructuring, a set of nodes, OR a parallel distributed processing network?

4. Joanne will not go out at night because she hears from her local news station about the large number of muggings and robberies that occur in her city. However, crime in Joanne's city has actually gone down in the past few years. What error in reasoning is Joanne falling victim to? Is it inductive reasoning error, irrationality, the availability heuristic, OR deductive reasoning error?

5. Sandy, a true believer in astrology, reads in her horoscope that today is her lucky day. She gets so excited that she spills coffee all over herself, which necessitates a change of clothes, which makes her late for work and for a very important meeting, which in turn gets her into serious trouble with her boss. Later that evening, in the hospital parking lot, on her way to the emergency room where her brother has just been taken, Sandy finds a dime on the ground. What does research on the confirmation bias suggest that Sandy will do? Is it that she will renounce astrology as completely wrong because of all the horrible things that happened on her "lucky day"; She will begin to question her belief in astrology because of all the horrible things that happened on her "lucky day"; She will seize on the dime she found as evidence of astrology's accuracy; OR confirmation bias has little or no relevance to how this person will think about astrology in the future?

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This solution responds to the five questions of various topics, e.g arallel-distributed processing network, temporal cortex, parietal cortex and so on.

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