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Interactive Database Systems & Web Services

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You have asked to prepare a report that evaluates possible client/server solutions to handle a new customer application system for all branch offices. What business characteristics would you evaluate? What technology characteristics would you evaluate? Why?

Discuss how Web services can be used to effectively integrate business applications and data. Search the Web for resources on current Web services such as XML, SOAP, UDDI and WSDL. Discuss how each is used, including examples from industry.

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1) The customer application system should be evaluated for following business characteristics:
i) It should represent all the application that can be used by customer
ii) It should not be difficult to modify the existing system
iii)The applications should be user friendly
iv) It should have low maintenance cost
v ) All the branch office should have a centralised database system.
vi) The system should not crash under extra load
The customer application system should be evaluated for following technology characteristics:
i)Data redundancy should not be there
ii)Any modification to actual database should be done only when data processing is finished
iii)The system should be tolerant to power failure
iv)The system should be tolerable to memory crash i.e it should have backup of data
v) Any modification in database by one of the branch office should be visible to all branch offices
vi) There should not be any scenario of deadlock.
The business characteristics mentioned above are necessary as an organisation always want to minimise ...

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Interactive database systems and web services are examined.

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