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Web Conferencing

What are some products of web conferencing.

What are some financial benefits of web conferencing?

What are some benefits to the learners of web conferencing?

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-Is there initial cost for learners using each one of the type of product?

* ActivInspire is a teaching and learning software which as joined the education interactive technology scene. It provides fun, interactive lessons with integrated learning tools in which teachers get results from immediate student responses, provision of vital data for rapid and ongoing assessment.
Price: free online version is provided
Website: http://www.prometheanworld.com/server.php?show=nav.16874

*Blackboard Learn allows students to access their course information, check their grades, message students and professors, download material for class. Price: free (for the iPhone and iPod Touch) with annual license fee

*Moodle is an open source Learning Management System that produces Internet-based courses and web sites. Price: free (no license fee)

*iLinc enables communication across locations and complex environments. It is built to provide one with the decision of the resources needed to manage the environment. It allows collaboration, file sharing, display and collaboration on documents, applications, etc. Price: free trial version for 14 days (range: $49 to $89 monthly)

-What types of interactivity are required by each of the listed products?

Types of interactivity:
1. Learner to Content (LC) - student interacts with the course materials; learner gains and constructs knowledge by working with the subject matter.
2. Learner to Instructor (LI) - direct communication between learner and instructor.
3. Learner to Computer/Software/Interface (LS) - learner interacts with any software by clicking and navigating from one page to another.
4. Learner to Learner (LL) - interaction depends on dialogue between two participants.

*ActivInspire - LS
*Blackboard Learn - LS
*Moodle - LI
* iLinc - LI but there is provision for multi-person video

-What barriers need to be removed and what changes to the institution before these products can be implemented?

*ActivInspire -- provision for a computer for each learner and a teacher assistant if there is none.
* Blackboard Learn - Institution needs to allow the incorporation of Blackboard in the classes. Teachers and staff need to make available online the students' grades, messages, materials, etc.
* Moodle - needs to be installed on computers that can run PHP, and can support SQL type database, also on Windows and Mac operating systems so institutions planning to ...

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