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    a.) Identify the commercially available applications of Vide

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    a.) Identify the commercially available applications of Video Web Conferencing.

    b.) How would you use Video Web Conferencing tool in a business context?

    c.) What steps would you take to make a virtual presentation to an audience in two different time zones (12 hours apart) and allow for interactive feedback to be shared by all?

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    a.) There are literally hundreds of commercially available applications of video web conferencing. Some of the most popular choices are Instant Presenter, Cisco, which is probably the most popular for larger organizations, Nefsis, iVisit, Mega Meeting, and ooVOO. Go To Meeting and Speaker Space are also commonly used. Most of the commercially available software applications operate in the same manner and include basically the same components. There may be some variation, which is based on the charges by the company that designed the applications. In general, the higher the cost of the application, the more extras the application contains. Almost all applications allow users to use visual effects during video conferencing, and to view and chat all data in real-time. All applications also archive each meeting so that the participants can view the meeting again as many times as needed.

    b.) I would use video ...

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