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collaboration services

Please make a visit to two of the four sites listed below to review their product offerings and include your analysis response.

What do you think of the following collaboration services and products? Would your business be inclined to use this type of service? Why or why not?

eRoom: http://www.documentum.com/solutions/collaboration/index.htm

Centra: http://www.centra.com/products/index.asp

Raindance: http://www.raindance.com/rndc/index.jsp

Webex: http://www.webex.com/

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The first website chosen for this assignment is WebEx. WebEx offers an extremely effective web conferring software which can be used by small and large businesses to conduct web conferences and meeting with people located in any part of the world with ease. I have myself used WebEx several times for conferencing with colleagues and clients located in different continents across the world and the software works extremely well.

I have been using WebEx for my small outsourcing business based in India and will certainly continue to use this software because it bridges the distance barrier that exist between remote ...

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Review collaboration services and products: WebEx and E-room