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Using Networks to Gain a Competitive Advantage

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This solution answers the question: Using networks to gain a competitive advantage.

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Using Networks to Gain Competitive Advantage
Virtual communications is a broad grouping of tools used to communicate with other people, using various networked systems. The primary networked system used for virtual communications is the internet. The value of the internet in networked communications is that many people, especially in business already have some type of high speed internet connection.
There are several aspects of communication that make us effective in conveying information. Certainly printed communication is important, and has been the easiest to communicate within virtual communities for the longest amount of time. Voice is probably the next most important communication technique, followed by live video communications.
It took some time, however, currently; all three types of communication are possible over one network, using the same systems and infrastructure for all three. Again the internet is the biggest commonality among all of these types of communication.
The advantages to these systems, using voice over IP, along with video and data conferencing is that the cost is controlled significantly, by using one single networked infrastructure for all of these systems. Also, the equipment for the end user is simply a personal computer, which have become readily available nearly everywhere now. It also relieves the ...

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