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Moving e-mails from MSN Hotmail

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Please help with the following problem.

What are the steps involved to move all of my email folders from my MSN Hotmail account to an external hard drive without having to open each email individually?

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See [1] for the steps involved in moving MSN Hotmail to your PC.

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"First, if you have a paid Hotmail account, then I suggest you simply configure Outlook Express to download your email. I haven't done this in some time, so I'm not sure whether you'll get any folders other than the inbox. I believe Outlook Express uses a private webmail protocol that might well support folders. One way or another you'll see them or you won't in Outlook Express.

Make sure that you then copy all your Hotmail folders to the personal folders on your machine - simply dragging and dropping the folders or the messages should do.

Now, if like most folks you're using the ...

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The following posting provides the steps involved in moving email folders from an MSN Hotmail account to an external hard drive without opening each email individually.

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