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    Counter Espionage using software methods

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    Given Scenario:

    You found several e-mail correspondence from the head of their research department to an anonymous hotmail account detailing the sale of technical information pertaining to the remote monitoring product you are developing. You also found evidence of several large cash withdrawal and payment receipts dated several days after each e-mail, which was assumed to be payment for the information given that the figures matched those in the e-mails. As the payment was in cash, you were unable to trace to whom the payment was made. Further searching also revealed while their pre-release version of the product and source code differs substantially from your product, their early prototype hardware and software codes are almost identical to your product.

    Given that you obtained this information illegally, and that their final product no longer resembles your product, you cannot take legal action against your competitor for violating your trade secrets, copyright and patents.

    You do know that there is somebody in your company selling information to your competitor and you need to find out the identity of this spy, and the evidence that he sold company secret to your competitor. You may then be able to take legal action against that spy and/or your competitor using this legally obtained evidence.

    Part 1 (based on above scenario):

    Using software methods (e.g. keylogging), design 2 plans for identifying the spy within your company and to collect evidence of his activities. Your ultimate aim is to use the evidence collected in court to sue for damages or to take out an injunction against your competitor from selling their product.

    ** Use the attached template, each plan (1 page, point form) should include
    - assumptions
    - details of the plan (how is it carried out)
    - countermeasures (what if the plan don't work)
    - legal & ethical implications of using the plan

    Part 2:

    - Briefly explain 2 different ways of protecting intellectual property (e.g. shadow copy, Copyright, patents, trade secrets).

    613 words, including table to arrange key points

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