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Focus on Ethics - Nike Vs Kasky

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Focus on Ethics

Based on the chapter's definitions of advertising and public relations, there are big differences in these communications methods. However, both are susceptible to deception. The same standards used to gauge advertising deception are used to measure deception in pubic relations. A case in point is Nike vs. Kasky. The nature of the issue is captured in the lead paragraph of a Web article filed in mid-2003. "Today the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by Nike Inc. on technical grounds. The shoe and apparel giant was appealing a California state Supreme Court decision that it can be sued for false advertising over a publicity campaign it used to defend itself against accusations that its footwear was made in Asian sweatshops." Go to www.law.duke.edu/publiclaw/supremecourtonline/certgrants/2002/nikvkas.

html and read the description of the suit. Then respond to the following questions.
1. What are your thoughts on this claim of deception in a publicity
2. Which standard did Nike violate?
3. Does this ruling support or undermine a need for integrated market- ing communications?

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