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Q & CI - Legal Situation

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Think of a company you worked for or an organization you belonged to.
1. Describe a situation in which you (or a manager you worked for) had to make an ethical or legal decision based on some aspect of the supply chain. If you are not aware of any situation where you (or a manager you worked with) had to make a legal or ethical supply chain decision, create a fictitious situation.
2. Discuss how these issues were addressed in the company.
3. How they should have been addressed?

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// Despite all technological advances, supply chain management is always based on the interaction of people. Whenever people interact, some ethical and legal issues emerge. The following paper discusses an important ethical issue associated with global supply chains.//

Ethical Issue in Nike

The global marketplace requires supply chains to be agile and diffuse. The manufactures deal with a number of ethical issues like use of child labor, unfair working conditions, unfair wages, the ecological sustainability of their production methods, intellectual property right violations and ignoring health, safety and environmental standards (Neef , 2004). Violation of basic ethics can cause damage to businesses and cost to organizations due to actions like lawsuits or theft of goods and ideas. Debatably, child labor is the issue, where the most agreements exist.

The managers of an ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 558 words with references.

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