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Simple webpage html using frames with external links

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I am new to html and I am trying to create a Webpage with 5 links that will re-route you to my homepage after viewing distinctive links once you hit home again.

I want to use motion graphics , color and fonts. I need this complete by 6pm CST.
Please Find below what I have done.

I want to use Vivaldi Font 48 for my home Page Font
Sample code
<HEAD><TITLE>Sandra's First Webpage</TITLE>

<H6><font size="+50"> Sandra's First Webpage <font size=-50></H6>


First link My Bio and Picture
Second link My Favorite Book
Third Link my Favorite Site
Fourth my Favorite Place To Visit
Fifth my Dream Site

Montype Corsiva 22 For the rest of my pages
This is what I have so far

This I the
First Link (Please Leave Open Paragh So I Can write Something Creative. Include File 2 (Prada Glasses) File #3 Smile Face

Second Link My Favorite book The Prophet http://www.katsandogz.com/gibran.html

Third Link My Favorite Site http://www.astronomy.com/asy/default.aspx

Fourth Link My Favorite Place To Visit Loretto Chapel ( Attach File # 1 Loretto_ Chapel ) http://www.lorettochapel.com/staircase.html

Also Please Include Source Code. I want to know What I did wrong

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The entire site is based on the index.htm page. If you change the extension to html make sure you update all pages and the footernav file because it references them as htm.

This is where we create a frameset for your site using two frames, one for all the content and one for the navigation. This is the only way you can have your navigation menu "on" another site viewed through your site.


NOTE: there are two frames created using <frame name=...> The src is the source file for them. Scrolling in the main is set to auto so the page can be scrolled down if it is too long. Scrolling is set to no in the footer because there is no need to use it. The footer is also ...

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This solution was for a very basic website. It uses two frames (top for content and bottom for navigation). Includes code. Very basic, but good for a first web page.