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    Frames in Web Design

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    1. Surf the Internet to view Web sites that have been created as single pages and with frames pages. Compare and contrast the two different styles by answering the following questions.

    1. What do you think are the advantages of using frames?
    2. What do you think the disadvantages are of using frames?
    3. If you are designing a Web site that will use frames, what steps can you take to make the frameset more accessible to all viewers?
    4. Print the URL and the name of a Web site which shows an example of a good frameset from a site you have visited on the Internet.

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    1. Advantages
    * Static navigation can be visible all the time, thus providing navigational convenience. Example: Course Technology's Web site for the new textbook, Electronic Commerce (see, [4.1] reference below).
    * Company logos, messages, or other information can be kept in one frame that is constantly visible, if desired.
    * Some design issues can be resolved by using frames. For instance, see Dragonfly Dreams [4.2] below.
    * The ability to display multiple documents at once

    2. Disadvantages
    * Search engines may not be able to properly spider a framed site. Therefore, if a visitor comes into the Web site from a search engine link, the Web page may be on its own without reference, links, or other means to connect into the rest of the Web site. Unless the Web site developer allows for this situation (such as providing links to the main page of the framed ...

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    Advantages and disadvantages of using frames are explained.