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    Important Information about Creating a Personal Web Page

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    Creating a Personal Web Page

    You are asked to design a Web page providing your personal information. It should include:
    - Brief introduction
    - Educational experience
    - Work experience
    - Interests
    - Family
    - Friends
    - Aspirations
    Code your Web pages using a method of your choice. Ensure that you include a table-based navigation or frame-based navigation on the Web page.

    Explain the reason of your choice between table-based or frame-based navigation.

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    Attached is my webpage, however I am not putting my own information in. If this is an assignment, I don't know what your professor will say if it's not yours. All you have to do is type in the information for each label. It's quite easy. I just didn't want it to be all about me. All you have to do is put your interests, etc. in the code, or put the page I created in FrontPage or Dreamweaver and just type in your personal information.

    The following is my reasoning for using tables instead of frames:

    Why not frames?

    My foremost complaint is that frames are so unpopular and ill-supported that many sites that use them also provide a non-frames version that duplicates the content. Every time I see that, I'm tempted to let loose a Homer Simpson-esque "doh!" It is a terrible waste to have to recode an entire site to work around a feature that simply doesn't add much value.

    When you see one of these frames pages, view the source code. You'll notice that the source page contains very little code and none of the text that you saw in the browser window. That's because it combines at least two separate HTML files into one browser display. Each document can be presented in independent windows or in sub windows. This offers designers a way to keep things like navigational links and ads visible while the main text and graphics scroll by.

    Framesets are popular with sites that support advertising, because an ad can be inserted into its own frame and frozen on the top, bottom or side. Likewise, site navigation can be frozen on the screen so that even as you scroll down in an article, the navigation remains prominent.

    This technique can backfire. Netscape Navigator includes a View Frame in New Window option. It basically lets your reader easily dispose of ads and navigational menus. If someone ...

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