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Detailed Illustration of Packets Travel through Internet

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I'm trying to understand the path packets take so, I need a description of the path a packet takes across the Internet from destination A to destination B. Also I need to know what types of network devices does the packet pass through from destination A to destination B.

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A packet, in the context of computer communications, is a field delimited block of information pertaining to any network function present in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) [1] structure. A packet is generally sent from a source access point to a destination access point in the network. It traverses through various OSI layers down to the physical layer where a suitable medium (Twisted Pair, Fiber Optic, Satellite based microwave communication, etc) is used to transfer from one computer to the other.

The packet is created by a client application ...

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Description of the path a packet takes across the Internet from destination A to destination B. Also an account of the type of network devices the packet passes through from destination A to destination B.

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