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    The Internet and the Intranet

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    1. Explain what the Internet is and how it differs from the Intranet. Provide at least two reasons why the Internet has a "problematic" future. Why is it important for information to travel across the Internet in small information packets?

    2. Provide the URL of at least one site that discusses the impact of the Internet on future businesses practices and provide a brief review of the information contained there. Did you learn anything new? Were you surprised by any of the information presented on the site? How will the Internet impact the future of politics and businesses practices?

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    The internet is a made up of a set of network interconnected by routers. The internet scheme allows organizations to choose the number and type of networks, the number of routers to use to interconnect them, and the exact interconnection topology. In the early days of the internet, security was not considered and as a result security protocols had to be added to the inner workings of the internet in order to protect the users and information sent to and fro across the network. As the internet grew it allowed more people to access the internet and the security flaws were discovered, resulting in stolen data and other security matters. Security is one reason the internet will have problems in the future.

    Net neutrality proponents believe that Internet service providers should treat all web traffic equally. It promotes competition and innovation by allowing individuals to choose the best content and services. ...