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    Intranet, Internet and Exranet

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    Until now, SewWorld has made only minimal use of the Internet and the web for doing business. They currently have e-mail addresses for each store but no web presence to speak of, or no way in which the different locations are connected. Prepare a short presentation on what the differences are among extranets, intranets, and the Internet. Which of these would be appropriate for SewWorld to leverage? Is there an order of importance you may place on the creation of these nets?

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    ? Intranet is a set of content that is shared by a well-demarcated group within a company.
    ? Internet is a set of content that is shared by an unlimited group anywhere in the world.
    ? The Internet and the intranet are based on the Internetworking Protocol..
    ? The internet is suitable for having a website where anyone can access it.. It can also be used for sending e-mails.
    ? The Intranet provided communication for persons within the company.
    ? It is for private internal use and makes use of software similar to that found on the Internet;

    Intranet can commence powerful communications among the employees in the company. Even software can be shared among the six different SewWorld stores if intranet is used. Only if SewWorld cannot deploy intranet should it go in for internet. Internet is suitable for launching its website and making online sales not for internal communication.

    1. Extranet content is shared with a well defined group that goes beyond the boundaries of the company.
    2. Intranet content is shared with a well defined group within the company. ...

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