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Intranet, Internet and the Extranet

I need to know what are some of the Key Characteristics of the intranet, internet and the extranet. And how can they be used in a business setting?

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An intranet is a private network that is open only to employees of a single organization. Intranets are internal communications vehicles and knowledge bases that serve as a company-wide information system. As such, they can vastly improve information flow and keep costs down within a company
The benefits of intranets to a small business, even a home business, do not substantially differ from the benefits reaped by larger firms. In fact, within large companies there often exist multiple smaller, segregated intranets. A small human resources intranet, for example, will tend to feature substantially different content than an intranet for engineers.

Whatever the scope -- organization-wide, departmental, or workgroup -- intranet services promise to grow institutional knowledge and increase employee effectiveness. Online news, secure document sharing, and email are just a few examples of intranet applications. Building intranets ...

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Key Characteristics of the Intranet, Internet and the Extranet