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    basic personal website

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    Create a simple, basic personal website by uploading the text & photographs provided. Use JPEG format for photos and set them using pixels. (2 photos attached). Choose any colors for the site specify them using hex codes (specs below). Give the URL for this site.

    Text to use:

    <title> My Resume </title>


    ABC Company: March 2004 - Present, Orlando, Florida
    Senior Officer

    ABC INDUSTIRES: September 2000 - 2004, Moscow, Russia- Owner/Operator

    RAND CORPORATION 1995 - 2000, Detroit, Michigan

    Maintains, modifies and operates complex broadband frequency signal processing electronic equipment devices and digital spread spectrum subsystems of the US Military unique combat ground and air defense electronic warfare simulation and analysis subsystems of the US Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Command (STRICOM) Combat Maneuver Training Center Instrumentation and Simulated Area Weapon Effects Radio Frequency System. This system serves as the sole provider of simulated deployed tactical combat warfare for the US Military in the European Theater. Performs direct 24 hour mission critical equipment operation, maintenance and repair of broadband subsystems of the electronic warfare simulation systems, electronic counter measures, signal intelligence/air warning systems, simulation data collection assets, and simulation data image processing systems of the Combat Maneuver Training Area. These systems include technology such as RADAR, satellite, uplink and downlink, digital multiplexers, wave guide, spread-spectrum and electro-optical.

    Performs vector network analysis including phase, amplitude, group time delay in addition to amplitude components of transmission and reflections as well as linear circuit networks characterization and measurements. Analyzes harmonic distortion, non-harmonic spurious (dBc) and phase noise measurement parameters associated with network analysis. <br>

    U.S. ARMY 1985 - 1995, Worldwide - Technician 1990-1992 Mississippi AFB, 1992-1995 Ramstein, Germany, Tank Operations, Fort Bliss, Helicopter training, Honorable Discharge, good conduct, numerous medals, ribbons, letters of appreciation, awards, Soldier of the Year, Fort Bliss 1991.


    Bachelors of Science Degree
    Undergraduate Degree in Applied Sciences


    Specs to use:

    Tags Close Attribute Value Example

    <BODY> Yes TEXT hex code <BODY TEXT = "#FF0000">
    <FONT> Yes LINK hex code <BODY LINK = "#00FF00">
    <IMG> Yes ALINK hex code <BODY ALINK = "#0000FF">
    VLINK hex code <BODY VLINK = "#FFFF00">
    BGCOLOR hex code <BODY BGCOLOR= "#FF000">
    BACKGROUND image file Use personal choice for BG
    COLOR hex code <FONT COLOR ="#ADEAEA">
    SRC img. file <IMG SRC="myImage.gif">
    ALT text <IMG ALT="image text">
    LONG-DESC url <IMG longdesc="xx.html">
    BORDER pixels <IMG BORDER=5>
    WIDTH pixels <IMG WIDTH= 100>
    HEIGHT pixels <IMG HEIGHT= 150>
    ALIGN top, middle, bottom, left, right
    HSPACE pixels <IMG HSPACE = 10>
    VSPACE pixels <IMG VSPACE = 15>
    USEMAP anchor use personal choice
    ISMAP anchor use personal choice

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    Create a simple, basic personal website by uploading the text & photographs provided