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    Typical programs for Employee Assistance Programs and Coaching.

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    Describe the typical activities included in employee counseling programs. Is there really a need for employee counseling?

    Why is it important to coach employees with performance problems as well as employees who are performing well?

    There are many sites available on the web that provide information regarding stress management. Explore the internet and share with us any sites that offered helpful hints regarding stress management that you were able to find. I have strategies that I employ to help reduce stress in my life. How do you cope with stress in your everyday life?

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    I have provided websites and quotes related to the questions. You should be able to apply that information to discussion responses to the questions.

    Describe the typical activities included in employee counseling programs. Is there really a need for employee counseling?
    This is a Canadian website, but provides clear short answers to basic questions on what the programs are and what their purpose is.
    "An EAP, or employee assistance program, is a confidential, short term, counselling service for employees with personal problems that affect their work performance. EAPs grew out of industrial alcoholism programs of the 1940's. EAPs should be part of a larger company plan to promote wellness that involves written policies, supervisor and employee training, and, where appropriate, an approved drug testing program."
    "The EAP offers help with the resolution of problems that are affecting work. These problems, however, do not have to be caused by workplace issues. Employee Assistance Programs are designed to help people understand or overcome their personal problems. While most EAPs offer a wide range of services, they often refer to other professionals or agencies who can offer more or extended care in particular areas."
    "The range of areas typically managed by an EAP provider include:
    • Personal issues.
    • Job stress.
    • Relationship issues.
    • Eldercare, childcare, parenting issues.
    • Harassment.
    • Substance abuse.
    • Separation and loss.
    • Balancing work and family.
    • Financial or legal.
    • Family violence.
    Some EAP providers are also able to offer other services including retirement or lay-off assistance, and wellness/health promotion and fitness (such as weight control, nutrition, exercise, or smoking). Others may offer advice on long-term illnesses, disability issues, counselling for crisis situations (e.g., death at work), or advice ...

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    Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and Employee Coaching are programs that are often offered to employees, particularly in larger companies. These programs provide a valuable resource and can increase productivity. Stress within the workplace is a growing problem, being able to identify and provide suggested responses is a very important component of human resource management.