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    Booz Allen Hamilton Training Programs

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    Use a search engine of your choice, and find the website for Booz Allen Hamilton, a consulting firm. Click on
    "Careers," and look through this section of their website. Describe the company's training programs, and discuss how the company's work environment supports training.

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    Booz Allen Hamilton hires an enormous amount of employees each year. Instead of relying on traditional training methods, Booz Allen Hamilton has begun "preboarding" employees. "Preboarding" means that employees become introduced to the company's culture and climate before their first official day of work. The "Careers at Booz Allen" website page highlights Booz Allen's variety of jobs, culture, and awards. In addition, new employs are given "access to an internal web portal with access to company information, "early activities", and even messages from senior executives as soon as they accept their offer" (Blitz, 2009). This helps new employees better understand the organization and their role within it. It ...

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