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    Case for critical thinking: Cablevision slims down to beef up profits

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    Visit the investor information sect of cablevision's website, http://www.cablevision.com (check out the financial news)

    1. why did the management team at cablevision decide not to reduce customer service staff in the cable operation?

    2. how did the company's sinking stock price affect its financial management?

    3. why couldn't cablevision simply borrow $600 million to close the cash flow gap?

    4. how has the company performed financially in recent quarters?

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    In Critical thinking, the reason or conclusion needs to be supported by testimony, plausible facts or personal knowledge (Reference Critical Thinking.pdf (Source University of Melbourne)

    This report is obtained from the New York Stock Exchange (Reliable source under the law)

    1. Testimony:
    Basic subscriber gains for the fourth consecutive quarter in
    Cable Television ...

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