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Cablevision Slims Down to Beef Up Profits

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In this incident involving Cablevision, answer the following questions.

Why did they decide not to reduce customer service staff in the cable operation?

How did the company's sinking stock price affect its financial management?

Why couldn't Cablevision simply borrow $600 million to close the cash flow gap?

Visit the investor information section of Cablevision's website, http://www.cablevision.com, and check out the financial news. How has the company performed financially in recent quarters?

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Why did they decide not to reduce customer service staff in the cable operation?

For Telecommunications Services, which includes the Cable Television consumer services and Lightpath business services, third quarter 2004 net revenues rose 14% to $788.3 million and operating income increased 76% to $114.8 million, both compared to the prior year period. AOCF increased 16% to $317.4 ...

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