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    Linear programming model for restaurant

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    Please form a linear programming model for a restaurant. It sells 60 meals maximum. 15 minutes is required to prepare a fish plate and 30 minutes is required to prepare a beef plate. There is a total of 20 hours of kitchen staff labor available. The ratio of fish to beef dinners sold is 3:2 but 10% of the customers will order a beef dinner. Fish dinners bring a $12 profit and beef dinners bring a $16 dollar profit.

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    Max: $12X + $16Y - you are trying to maximize your profit
    X = number of fish dinners sold
    Y = Number of beef dinners sold
    Subject to
    X + Y<= 60 - you can only sell a maximum of 60 ...

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    This solution explains how to construct a liner programming model for a restaurant with the objective of maximizing profit.