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    Statistics - Linear and Integer Programming in Excel

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    Need help with the following problem. Need solution in excel.

    RESTAURANT OPERATION. Jackson's Sports Bar and Grill would like to minimize the cost of installing television sets throughout the restaurant so that it can accommodate a potential viewership of at least 750 patrons. It is considering purchasing two models of Sony televisions. The large-screen 60-inch model costs $3500 and, with proper placement, could be viewed by 150 customers. The 27-inch models costs $800 each and can be seen by 35 customers. Jackson's wishes to have at least one 60-inch television and no more than 20 27-inch models.
    a. Formulate the model for the problem faced by Jackson's
    b. Solve for the optimal linear programming solution. Round the solution to integer values. What is the total cost of the rounded solution?
    c. Solve for the optimal solution for the integer programming model. Did you get the rounded solution of part (b)? What is the total cost of the optimal integer solution?

    Thank you

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