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    CSS for developing unique website

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    1) How can CSS be used for developing a unique website style?

    2) Distinguish absolute and relative hyperlinks, and explain why this distinction is important.

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    1) How can CSS be used for developing a unique website style?

    CSS is a styling language. It helps to separate the content and presentation parts of a document. CSS provides more flexibility in presentation of a document be it fonts, placement of paragraphs or text, font colors, back ground colors etc. In the document (code), the styling part can be completely separated from the content. The style sheets can be separately saved as .css files and these can have the styles we want to use in a page or number of pages. These styles sheets can then be imported and used in our document. We can have a number of style sheets (.css files) for a project and use different style sheets on different pages.


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    Discusses CSS and absolute and relative hyperlinks.