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Compare and Contrast Marketing: USA and China

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- Select a country other than one in North America. 1,060+ word count in which you compare and contrast marketing in your selected country and in the United States.
- In your comparison, analyze the marketing environments of each country including, but not limited to, cultural, political, legal, and economic influences.

APA standards, cite references in text, reference page etc...

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The solution compares and contrasts marketing in the United States and China. The marketing environment of each country is provided.

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Compare and Contrast Marketing: USA and China

Marketing is a function of an organization or a business through which the organization make the process of promotion and pricing of the product in a suitable place (Kotler, 2002). Marketing is more than semantic because it focuses only on the needs of the buyers and it is the idea of satisfying the needs of the customer by means of the product and the whole cluster of things associated with the creating, delivering an finally consuming the product (Kotler, 2002).
The marketing environment of a country is dependent upon the cultural, political, social, economical environment. The marketing considerations include dissimilarity in law and legal systems, living standards, language barriers, climate and many more (Cherunilam, 2005). The culture of China is very much different from United States of America. Therefore, the development of marketing is also different in the china as compared to that of USA.

Comparison and Contrast the Marketing in China and USA

Social and Cultural Factors
Understanding the culture of a country is one of the important factors to understand then marketing environment. The traditions and customs vary among towns, cities and provinces in China (Kyoon, 2007). The Chinese environment is now open for the outsiders. The cultural values include the belief in God, unity, optimism and readiness to work together according to the rules of law (Kyoon, 2007). They live in joint families and follow a tradition pattern of life.
Cultural environment of United States of America is a mixture of various ethnicities and religions. More than 80% people in USA follow and believe in Christianity (Cherunilam, 2005). They prefer to live in nuclear and small families. They follow latest fashion and trend to maintain their status in the society. The social market in United States is very big in comparison to China. In USA, the main language spoken by people is English whereas Chinese people speak various languages based on Chinese symbols (Huang, et al. 2004).

The level of education in china is also very low in comparison to USA. People of USA are highly dependent upon science and technology. They use the scientific knowledge to find out the relationship of the nature with the human beings (Huang, et al. 2004). ...

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