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Teenagers and tanning beds argument

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My topic: should teenagers be allowed to use tanning beds?
I have to have pros and cons with at least 5 references/scholarly sources and supporting facts. 1000 word critical thinking paper.
I only need help with pros and cons and sources

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The cons are well established. The tanning industry has tried to put out pros, but recently, they lost a false advertising claim in a Texas court, so those can be thrown out. I gave you some notes and sources as to their arguments, however.
The Pros and Cons of Teen Tanning

The Centers for Disease Control is one of the main sources. They also maintain a database of teen risk behaviors. The last one was in 2011. 13.3% of all high school students use these, mostly white females, who make up about 30% of all users. As girls age, it gets higher. Freshman white females use it 11.7% of the total, but seniors are at 32%.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (2006) has issued several empirical works showing that the UV radiation from tanning beds greatly increases the risks for two specific types of skin cancer: squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Their metastudy also included in their empirical work surveyed 23 studies. The results varied widely. The one indicator was that risks for various skin cancers increases greatly for light skinned peoples at the "first use" when under 30 years old.

This equates to a 75% increased risk of melanoma when the first use of the tanning bed is under 30 years. Both Vajdic (2004) and Piepkorn (2000) studies verify that the typical UV radiation emission from tanning beds causes both skin and eye cancer, since it is so much greater than the sun. In addition, the risk increases for each use


However, the tanning industry uses what they call "safe" tanning beds that emit about 50% of the UV radiation of the sun. The benefit here however, might be an "pro" because according to the Moan ...

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The solution discusses a teenagers and tanning beds argument.

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