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Business Statistics Questions

1. Using the internet (or other outside source), research a health related variable such as newborn weight or heart rate (although you may not use these since they have already been discussed in class). Based on the information you discover (such as mean, median, typical range, etc.), would you say that your variable has a normal distribution, is positively skewed, or is negatively skewed? Explain and include a graph (you may sketch it by hand).
3. The data from the survey described in question 2 also provided you with information on the percentage of high school seniors who smoke. Based on your data, 18% of high school seniors in the Boston area are smokers. Suppose a new media campaign directed toward teenagers was going to be implemented in the Boston area with the intention of making smoking look uncool in an attempt to deter teenagers from becoming smokers. You plan to conduct a follow up study to see if the campaign has the desired effect. For this proposed study

a) State the null hypothesis in both statistical terms and in words

b) State the alternative hypothesis in both statistical terms and in words

c) Is the alternative hypothesis directional or non-directional? Explain.

d) Explain what is meant by a null hypothesis and describe the logic that supports why a study should begin with a null hypothesis (as opposed to the alternative hypothesis).


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