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Adolescent reaction to puberty

Please help me discuss adolescents' reactions to the physical changes of puberty, including sex differences, and describe the influence of family and culture in 300 words.

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Let me summarize the issues:

- Puberty is the result of the release of a certain hormone, the gonadotropin-releasing hormone, at about 12 years.
- After this, the brain uses the above hormone to release two others, the luteinizing hormone (and follicle-stimulating hormone).
- For boys, the reaction is to create testosterone and sperm.
- For girls, the ovaries are stimulated and estrogen is produced. The chemical that starts the process is the same in boys and girls, the results, of course, are different.
- For boys, increased sleepiness and an increase in appetite is common (about 4 years for it all to show after 11 or so).

Not a bad source to start:

Basic issues:

- Reactions to the chemical changes to puberty are contextualized - it depends on the social environment.
- Girls do gain some weight, which can be a problem. In some cases, ...

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Adolescent reactions to puberty are examined.