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Adolescent's exposure to media

How does exposure to media influence the manner in which adolescents develop? For example, is there evidence that adolescents are influenced to engage in risky behavior by being exposed to images of such behavior? frame your response within Bandura's or Erikson's theories. Use references and examples from the media (film, books, video, or music) to support your statements.

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Adolescent's exposure to media may not always necessarily lead to them engaging in risky behaviors, however there may be some potential for teenagers to engage in risky behavior. For example if they watch the movie Superbad that depicts three teenage boys looking to have unprotected sex and engaging in underage drinking with the boys receiving little negative consequences as a result they may believe that nothing can happen to them if they engage in these behaviors. Increasingly tobacco, drugs and alcohol have been glamorized in the media. Many other movies and TV programs often show the lead character and the "good guys" smoking and drinking without depicting the negative consequences of engaging in these behaviors. Media also provides public service announcements or through public programming informing adolescents and warning them of the dangers of excess drinking and doing drugs. These messages are generally done on a smaller scale and are usually less appealing in their presentation than the movies and TV shows that ...

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