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    Media exposure

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    In my opinion, as peoples' worlds got bigger through media (photograph, radio, etc), it contributed to the dynamic and complex view of the universe. By doing this, it expanded the limits of imagination and gave way to imitation by giving people more exposure to different facets of life. Prior to the 20th century, life was very basic and simple and it was not uncommon to know little about anything you weren't directly exposed to. With the advent of photography and radio as well as the ability to travel in cars and railroads came an increased understanding of other things. Naturally this would affect the arts as artists, writers and composers channeled these new things through their art. Explain.

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    Art is the expression of individuality, and individuality is based on the different things that we're exposed to in life. Before, people had ...

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    The effect of media exposure on art and artists prior to the 20th century is examined. The expert explains this concept for individuality in the solution.