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Exposure to Media Violence

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Question: What is your opinion regarding exposure to media violence? Do you think it truly is influential in aggressive behavior?

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Media violence and its relationship to aggression

Perspective 1 is that there is no causation relationship between media violence and aggression. They would argue that there are greater factor that show positive relationship to aggression such as peer influence, group coercion, abusive families. Many studies support this position. See the following:

They found that exposure to violent television or video games were not predictive of youth violence and aggression. But rather delinquent peer influences, antisocial personality traits, depression, and ...

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A discussion on the debate of exposure of media violence and its relationship to aggressive behavior.

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Effects of Video Game Violence

Describe the issue of exposure to video game violence in today's society. Explore issues such as:
1) Prevalence (e.g., age, gender, racial diversity, etc.)
2) In child developmental level, what are possible dangers of exposure to media violence in the context of his cognitive and socio emotional development?
3) Risk and protective factors, including predisposition to violence (e.g., are all children who play violent video games likely to become more aggressive? What protective factors might mitigate the possible outcomes for they?
4) What would be the possible outcomes if a child's behavior continues unchecked after continually be exposure to media violence?
5) Discuss types of intervention strategies we would expect his parents to find at a community level, such as in community centers, schools, and social service agencies, to assist children who are at risk due to ongoing exposure to media violence.
6) What would be a good plan to recommend to children's parents exposure to media violence?
7) Compare the dangers of exposure to video game violence with other forms of violence. What are similarities and differences between video game violence exposure and the other type of violence you chose to compare?
8) What are the costs of video game violence to the family and the community and society at large and the other form of violence you chose for comparison?
Please include references.

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