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Media & Violence

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Provide a 50-75 word response to each of these questions.

1. What are some of the findings presented about the media's causal relationship to violence?
2. What comparison do authors draw between smoking and media violence?
3. How proactive is the media in reporting its own influence on aggressive behavior?

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Media & Violence

1. Causal Relationship of Media & Violence

- The study states that modern society's exposure to violent mass media is a trend that has continued to shape our times. Statistical studies in the 1960's show that crime rate went up as soon as the first generation of TV-reared children reached the age whereby crime becomes a choice. It also argues further that this is also the case in nations whereby the TV medium is a novelty. So then, is Reel Violence a reflection of Real Violence? Or is it possible that reel violence inspires real life violence? Perhaps it is the opposite or a bit of both? Psychologists have studied for decades if aggressive behaviour resulting to crime could possibly be caused by TV-inspired violence. While there are cases that was TV-violence inspired, scientists have come to a conclusion that the ...

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The solution presents concise arguments & information on the media's relationship to real life violence. It looks at various issues prevalent in the mainstream media that influence aggressive & violent behavior and continues on to discuss the media as a social agent that influences culture & the accepted 'normal' in communities.