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Bills Related to E- Business, Legislation and its Impact

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Use the Thomas system (www.loc.gov/thomas/ ) to find two bills relating to e-business or the Internet. Discuss the proposed legislation and its impact on EB and how it might affect consumer trust when using an eBusiness Web site.

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//The given discussion paper is based on the 'E-Business' and the related legislation. In this series, in the first section of the discussion paper, the different bills related to the E-business are described in detail.//

Bills Related to E- business

1) The first bill related to Internet is H. CON. RES. 502(108th CONGRESS, 2d Session).It is related to increasing the awareness of computer security in U.S. It also supports the goals of National Computer Security Awareness Month. The bill was passed Sep 29, 2004.It is found that 200000000 people in U.S. Use the Internet and more than 50 percent through broadband connections. They use Internet for contacting family, friends, for billing, banking, shopping and searching information.

Around 230000000 entrepreneurs rely on Internet for their business operations and country's infrastructure is also managed by the Internet. The danger to computer security is increasing due to Viruses, Programs and Password is stolen by malicious people. People face the financial losses and complain about it. Teens have a bad impact of the Internet access due to pornography sites.

//After having a good understanding of the 'Bills of ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 746 words with references.

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